Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Sohanti, Faerie Lord, Cheltenham and Summer Queen

I'm pie-eyed. Just this minute finished my new teen novel, Sohanti. (Working title.) Just over 95,000 words in this draft and I've been buried in it so deeply I hardly know what it's about. Next step a read-through, then off to my lovely agent Sophie in the hope she'll sell it for a fortune.

Meanwhile, Faerie Lord, which was supposed to be out in the U. S. in September, now seems to have been postponed until December 26. Needless to say, nobody told me, but I got that date from, who are usually very reliable. U.K. publication remains unchanged at early February, 2008.

Following on my little talk at the Edinburgh Book Festival next month, I've been asked to speak at Cheltenham Literary Festival in October. Subject matter for both talks is my new non-fiction, The Wizard's Apprentice, and it's about time I got down a few notes.

Finally, my darling Orla Melling, author of the best-selling Chronicles of Faerie, has been elected Summer Queen -- a hugely well-deserved honour. See her Book Blog for details. There's a link on thispage.


Arissa said...

Thanks for writing this.

Herbie Brennan said...

You're welcome. It's now called The Shadow Project and is due for publication in the States in 2010. (It's also a lot shorter after the edit.)