Thursday, May 17, 2007

Shameless plug for latest book

Well, as you can see from Herbie Brennan's Bookshelf, I've started to push my latest book 'The Wizard's Apprentice' which Faber are bringing out in the first week of July. And since my opportunism knows no bounds, I've made a promotional video that centres on a fascinating experience mentioned in the book. Feel free to view at:


David Lee Stone said...

A thoroughly engrossing account of an amazing experience – I shall definitely be at the front of the queue on 5th July for that one!

gerrard t wilson said...

Congratulations on your latest book, Herbie.
All the best from Gerrard (Gerry) Wilson
PS I'm still plugging away with mine

Gwydion said...


I hope read your latest book soon.... ¿Where Can I buy it?.

I read yours books since 1977 (The first book that I read was "Experimental Magick", in spanish, of course.

Please, tell me where and when can I buy "Wizard´s Apprentice". Thanks.

Gwydion (

Herbie Brennan said...

I'm afraid Wizard's Apprentice isn't available in Spanish yet. (It can sometimes take years before this type of book is translated, if it ever is. But if you can make do with the English-language edition, it's now available on

Gwydion said...

Thanks Herbie. I just have bought "The wizard´s apprentice" yesterday.

I have read alls your books translated to spanish since 16 years old... and now (45 years old) I hope to read your books in english (first I must learn more english).

One question: Do You know if lessons of yours friends Gareth Night, Dolores Ascroft-Nowicki,W.E. Butler, etc... "Light´s Servents" are available in spanish?

Congratulations for your blog, for your page and for your wonderful books. (SORRY, my english are revolting...)


Anonymous said...

Hi there

I'm another fan of your books from Spain, so I may be of help to Gwydion:

You might want to check this website:

I don't think the Servants of the Light are currently offering
their Course in spanish. I think there was a translation back
when there was a spanish branch, but it eventually became
La Fraternidad del Circulo Dorado,
which would be the closest equivalent to a spanish-speaking SOL...

Anyway, if you're interested (and Mr Brennan doesn't mind) I can give you
a few more details in spanish... or even send you an e-mail if necessary

*I'll probably get around sending you an e-mail
one of these days...

Herbie Brennan said...

I asked Dolores, who tells me there's no official Spanish translation of the SoL course, but many of the techniques are taught in a daughter organisation in Mexico where there may well be Spanish-language material available. I'll let you know any more details when I get them.

Anonymous said...

Do you know when Wizard's Apprentice will be available on (US)? I have been checking regularly but don't see it yet.

Herbie Brennan said...

I don't know how it works with in the US. I've noticed that some (but by no means all) of my UK books eventually find their way onto, but I've absolutely no idea how the choice is made or when it's likely to happen. If you're desperate -- and pepared to live with extra postage and a longer wait -- you can probably order it from for delivery in the US. I've done that in reverse for some specialist titles.

Gwydion said...

Thanks Herbie (and Anonymous)

Herbie, I has already your book "WIZARD´S APPRENTICE" and I has bought "THE BOOK OF WIZARDRY" and "MAGICAL USE OF THOUGHT FORMS" also.

I hope to enjoy with your books this month.

I hope also the e-mail from Anonymous.

Since Córdoba (Spain) on 44º celsius. Best Regards.

Sonia said...

Dear Mr. Brennan,

I would appreciate to know if the knowledge distilled in your books provide help to live as a non-practitioner in the life dimension of going placidly amid world troubles and hurriedness, being on good terms with the living and death; in business to prevent being a victim of scams, trickery and deception; overcome psychic attacks and nurture strength, balance, assertiveness and peace in the noisy and dangerous confusion of life.

Thank you in advance for your kind feedback.

Have a nice end of day,

Sonia de Rivera

Thornton, Colorado, U.S.A.

Herbie Brennan said...

That's a tall order Sonia and I think you'll have to go far beyond anything in my books to achieve it. But I do believe everything you mention is possible if you are prepared to work on yourself. Some of the material you'll find in my books might be a help at the beginning of your journey, but only in taking the smallest step. After that, I believe you need to work out for yourself who you really are and what the world really is, then decide how to move on from there.