Monday, May 27, 2013

Whisperers Reviews

Publishers Weekly, who, I must say, are usually kind to me, broke their usual pattern with a pre-publication review of Whisperers: The Secret History of the Spirit World which they described as ‘dreary’ and ‘unremarkable.’ Lest you find this as off-putting as I do, you might like to balance the opinion against some other pre-publication reviews from a few of my fellow authors...

“Impeccable research, firm grasp of history, and clarity of writing reconfirm J.H. Brennan as the expert in the field of the paranormal.” -—Steve Peek, author of Coyote Dreaming

“J.H. Brennan is an expert storyteller who paints an often terrifying picture of how human destiny has regularly been changed forever by individuals convinced they were in communication with intelligences from beyond. In Whisperers, Brennan has created a unique and timely history of spirit voices that is both brilliant and utterly chilling.” -—Andrew Donkin, coauthor of The Terminal Man

"Highly readable…Here is the history that you didn’t learn about in the classroom…a challenging and thought-provoking book." --Christopher McIntosh, Fellow and Lecturer at the University of Exeter and author of The Rosicrucians

"From the hair-raising to the eyebrow-raising, this is a scintillating account of meetings with spirits through history. Whisperers takes us from an Egyptian guide to summoning Anubis, through a haunted house in ancient Athens, to the black books of the Middle Ages. It chronicles early anthropologists being hoodwinked by shamans, and gives an account of an area where so much has been written, Nazi occultism, that inspires confidence as well as horror. Hats off to J.H. Brennan!" --Jonathan Black, author of The Secret History of the World

Whisperers will be published in the United States on June 13 and in the U.K. in November.