Saturday, October 11, 2008

Bit of an Update

Got some stick from a friend the other evening about how poor I've been about updating my blog -- all too deserved, I'm afraid: it's not been one of my priorities for several months. But today, looking out the window at an Irish fog, is a good day to list a few things that have been happening, since it means I can postpone updating my Web site for another while at least.

First, Faerie Wars. The adventure that started in Henry's bedroom finished with Faerie Lord which drew kindly responses in the main from professional critics and loyal readers. But it also provoked several fans of the series to ask about the possibility of further faerie books. Since the characters wouldn't leave me alone anyway, I did prepare a synopsis for just one more. It was called The Faeman Child, set 16 years after the action of Faerie Lord, and told the story of the teenage daughter of Henry and Blue -- the faeman child of the title. I have to stress that it's not written yet and does not have a publisher, so it may disappear into limbo, but I can say that there is now the first distinct sign of publisher interest. If it comes to anything, I'll let you know.

Next, a Faerie Wars movie. An option contract has been signed by one of the major computer animation studios and a screenwriting team is at work on a screenplay. Whether this will turn into an actual movie remains to be seen, but it's a step in the right direction. One thing's certain: nothing will happen fast. The contract gives the studio rights for 18 months, renewable for a further 18, so it could be three years before we know for certain what, if anything, is going to happen.

Finally The Shadow Project. This is a teen occult fantasy spy thriller about out of body experience that I wrote as a major change of pace after Faerie Lord was finished. Both my current publishers hated it, but HarperCollins in the U.S. thought it was the business and has contracted for a series. It's due for publication in 2010.