Thursday, July 12, 2007

New David Lee Stone Web Site

Until now, the David Lee Stone link on this page took you to a Web site devoted exclusively to his Illmoor Chronicles. Now it takes you to his own official Web site and very nice it looks. (Check out his own readings from his books on video.)

I love Davey's work, so I was particularly pleased to hear there's a new three-book contract in the offing. No details as yet, but I'll keep you posted.


Lindi Dev said...

Greetings from sunny QLD. Herbie I have a connundrum. I created an amazing place, see Magically and seamlessly it appeared. Breathtaking. Now I don’t want it but it won't go. At each point so near and yet so far. Reading magical thought forms at the mo for tips but can't seem to objectify not wanting it. So many permutations. Any suggestions?

Herbie Brennan said...

Ah, Lindi, with your flair for promotion, I don't think you need much help from me. (If I lived in Oz, I'd be tempted by the place myself.)

But if it's a serious query, the first thing I'd look at is whether you REALLY want to get rid of it. If the answer, after self examination, meditation and what-have-you, is still yes, then all you need is patience.

Lindi Dev said...

Thank you and if only that were true!! I might just persuade you to come to oz.

But serious most certainly. The fact that I found a way to ask you the question directly after only picking up your book last night is testimony to that. Michael I am so out of there, I have already moved myself and my wee lad down the mountain. It was not built to sell but the dream has changed and I move on with relish. I am adept at creating what I want, self taught and only recently finding the theories behind my practice. This particular connundrum just resurrects a fascination for the science of the art so to speak. How to articulate what you do not want in terms of what you want!! An Ericksonian type of riddle. In this instance it goes something like this. I do not want the house anymore. So what to manifest or upon what to focus the desire. It can not work in the negative as you know. It is not just the money as whilst I want adequate recompense for the house the money alone is not the desire as I want it without the house. You see the gist. So the sales contract is probably the only concrete focus but a few sheets of paper is a bit dry to get all desirous about......tee hee. What they represent of course becomes much more vivid but then there is such a profusion of permutations to that upon which should the focus rest as each alone are not it either. Am I making sense? A long conversation for this medium and with wider implications or applications. I have never blogged before so apologies for being a tad verbose. how do I add a photo?

Herbie Brennan said...

Don't know how you add a photo -- I stumble through the technical stuff myself.
Magical theory would suggest you stop thinking in terms of the negative (getting rid of the house) and concentrate instead on the positive: a profitable sale, a happy new owner, whatever. Or alternatively, concentrate on a specific (positive) goal that would involve the disappearance of the house as a side-effect.

Lindi Dev said...

Hmm I wonder where Michael came from!! Apologies Herbie. Yes. I am countering my impatience, it has only been on the market since March!!, by having a bit of fun playing with the finer elements of the process and being more conscious of it on the way. Here in the fertile tropics there is much scope for this practice given the dearth of stimulating human interaction.... So with clipped wings much opportunity to fill the void on other levels. Thanks so much for your thoughts, they are much appreciated.

Little Willow said...

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Herbie Brennan said...

Thanks for the information. Always nice to be recommended.