Thursday, December 21, 2006

Shadow Realm

Did I mention that when any book I'm writing passes the 10,000 word mark, it usually goes the distance? Well, 'Shadow Realm' (working title of my new one) just hit 11,000 this morning and it's gathering speed. It's an altogether darker vision than anything in the 'Faerie Wars' series. Be interesting to see if anybody wants it.

Meanwhile, the final copy-edit of 'Faerie Lord' went through yesterday with a revised glossary, so that one is on target for an Autumn, 2007 publication in the States. My German publisher, DTV, is excited about it as well.

It's been a busy run-up to Christmas. On top of the 'Faerie Lord' approvals for Bloomsbury, I've been having discussions with my editor at Faber about something very special: 'The Wizard's Apprentice,' a non-fiction investigation which Faber will announce with the words 'There are REAL WIZARDS working REAL MAGIC hidden in the world today. There are secret schools of wizardry across the globe... and you can learn the basics of their magic from this handbook.'

They've created a fabulous cover and publication is planned for next summer, around June or July. Can't wait. Can't wait for Christmas either. Have a good one.


Anonymous said...

What do you mean when you say darker than Faerie Wars???

Herbie Brennan said...

It's more serious in theme and more creepy in content. At the moment anyway.

Anonymous said...

So this is part of the Faerie Wars series right?

Herbie Brennan said...

Nope. Whole new different ball-game.