Sunday, December 24, 2006

Happy Yule

Friends in tonight and a quiet day tomorrow, God willing. Have a lovely Christmas with lots of pressies and do your best to over-indulge in food and drink. I certainly plan to.


Kevin said...

Well, Christmas is over... But never the less, hope you've had a wonderful one Mr. Brennan!

Anonymous said...

Hello Mr. Brennan,

You are an amazing writer, I really enjoyed the faerie war chronicles. I am so excited about the fourth book. I wanted to ask you about writing ( I know it seems really forward, but if you can't talk to someone online when can you? right.) I am actually an illustrator, I do faerie art and fantasy themes. I wrote a children's book and I was wondering the next step. If you would ever be willing (bored one night...or feeling really generous) to give me advice or talk with me, I would really appreciate it. I am going to give you my email, knowing full well that it will be shared with everyone who reads your comments.
I would really love to hear from you... But if I don't that is ok too.

Once again I really love your writing.

Henry said...

Mr. Brennan
I am an Italian boy. My name is Enrico. I read with much enthusiasm yours three first books fantasy, the history of Pyrgus, Aurora and Henry. I like them a lot!I am writing a book and have 12 years,I would to ask to you if you could write an other book, only one, of this saga! I do not succeed to think to other. Please you answer me to the address:
P.S: If the way in which I wrote this comment is wrong please excuse me, but I am beginning to use well English only from one-two years.