Monday, July 24, 2006

Wild Divine

Been playing a particularly interesting computer game lately, 'The Journey to Wild Divine', which uses biofeedback to enable you to interact with what's happening on screen.

The thrust of the game (and I'm not at all sure 'game' is the right word) is to teach participants various imaginal, relaxation, breathing and energy control techniques in an attempt to provoke a spiritual awakening.

You plug yourself in to the hardware, which reads off heart-rate and galvanic skin response, and learn to control your mind sufficiently to produce interesting effects on screen, like levitating rocks or shooting an arrow at a target.

When I installed the game's second module, called 'Wisdom Quest' the application crashed continually at the opening screen. I emailed the Wild Divine Project's technical support department late on Friday afternoon and had a cure for the problem (which affects certain Macs) within hours, an all-time record for back-up in my (extensive) experience of software glitches.

You can read more about Wild Divine at

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