Monday, July 10, 2006

Back home, stretch, yawn.

Just back. Packed the bucket and spade and a heap of books I'd had no time to read and headed for Tramore. 'Tra' means beach in Irish and 'mor' means big, so Tramore runs out as Big Beach, which just about sums it up, except for the amusement arcades and fairground which I never got around to visiting. Stayed at the Coast Townhouse, which has absolutely fabulous food, and slept a lot.

When I woke up I read Davey Stone's 'Dwellings Debacle' (that's David Lee Stone to you) and loved it. This is the latest in his Illmoor Chronicles, a fantasy series that's seriously gunning for Pratchet. Humour is extraordinarily difficult to get right, but Davey's aim is spot on. Couldn't recommend his books highly enough.

Mixing pleasure with pleasure, I met up with Rita and Edel, the Halcyon team who are threatening to publish a little book of mine this Christmas, about which more anon, once we can agree on a title for it. Came home to an advance copy Strange Powers of the Human Mind, the third in the Herbie Brennan's Forbidden Truths series Faber are bringing out. Like the first two, the cover looked brilliant. Along with the Halcyon Christmas, this means seven books coming out during 2006, which strikes me as ridiculous, but there you have it.

Off to start editing Faerie Lord now.

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