Monday, May 08, 2006

Fairy time

It's almost fairy time.

Several years ago I discovered that when I closely examined certain garden or hedgerow flowers, I could see a small 'energy signature' hovering above them, similar to, but a whole lot smaller than, the sort of heat haze you get shimmering over a tarmac road in summer.

The signatures seemed to be largely confined to bell-shaped flowers -- bluebells, foxgloves etc -- and were shaped (very roughly) like a little winged figure. At the time it occurred to me that if others had seen these energy shapes in the past, it might have given rise to the popular mythology of fairies as tiny winged creatures tending plants.

It now seems certain that others must have seen such shapes long before I did, since I discovered virtually anybody becomes aware of them when they are pointed out. Trial and error taught me this is largely a summer phenomenon, running roughly from end May to early September, with a June/July peak.

If you're interested in trying to spot these curious little energy shapes, warm sunny days are best. Find a blossom (preferably a belled flower, but any bloom is worth a try) and look carefully above and around it. Don't stand too close and don't make noise, which seems to disturb the phenomenon.

Good hunting.

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