Sunday, May 21, 2006


A nice enthusiastic young woman named Ruth came over to me at the Summer School yesterday looking for advice on how to achieve her ambition to become a writer. In the course of the conversation she mentioned she'd approached a well-known author a short time ago and was told she shouldn't even bother trying because breaking into the business was now so hard. The professional also declined to reveal the name of her literary agent or give any helpful advice whatsoever.

Interesting to learn the begrudgers haven't completely died out in modern Ireland, although in the old days they usually waited until you succeeded before they started their nonsense.

For the record, it is difficult to get into print nowadays, as it always was. But it's not impossible. It's difficult to find a good literary agent, as it always was. But it's not impossible. If you want to write, write. Do it well and you'll get into print, I promise you. If you have something really interesting to say (and particularly if you tell a good story) I can even promise you'll make good money.

What more do you want -- a written guarantee?

Get writing.

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