Monday, April 17, 2006


Just back from a few days Easter break at Brook Lodge, one of my favourite spa hotels. Marvellous as always and imaginative enough to offer mutton on the Strawberry Tree menu. When was the last time you saw mutton on an Irish menu? The emphasis is always on lamb, yet slow-cooked mutton is as tasty a dish as you'll ever eat. I'm still largely vegetarian, but made an exception this time.

Emails included some superb nature pix from daughter Aynia, plus communications from (1) a reincarnation of Helen of Troy, (2) another old GrailQuest fan (inevitably) and (3) two friends who've just started a new publishing venture, about which I suspect I may be writing more anon.

Meanwhile, back to Faerie Lord, which has either reached its half-way mark or is quietly turning into another of those monstrously long manuscripts my publisher will insist on cutting down to manageable proportions.

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