Saturday, April 08, 2006

Faerie Lord

Okay, that'll have to do (for the time being) as far as setting up the blog's concerned. Now I'm back to Faerie Lord, the fourth book in the Faerie Wars series. It's had its ups and downs, but is now half finished, at least in first draft. I'm hoping this one will resolve the relationship between Blue and Henry, but you can never trust him not to be thick where women are concerned.

As usual, I've no idea where the book is going until it gets there. As things stand at the moment, Henry is in big trouble, Blue is about to get into big trouble and Pyrgus seems to be in a coma. I do hope it all works out all right.

Two projects planned for the near future. Most immediate is that Sophie, my lovely agent, should soon be offering The Chronicles of Nectanebo, an adult novel that has haunted me for more than a quarter of a century. When it finds a publisher, I'll tell you the full story of how it came to be written, which is seriously weird. The second project is non-fiction, focused on coincidence, and planned to start maybe autumn this year, d.v.

Enough, already. I'm off to see what Blue is doing.

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OR Melling said...

Welcome to Bloggerland, Herbie! You will find it is filled with a multifarious array of strange people and phenomena, not unlike the Land of Faerie. Long may you enjoy it.