Friday, September 27, 2013

Gamebook News

I see the boys at Megara Entertainment in Seattle are predicting a gamebook resurgence. To celebrate, they’re planning a collector’s edition of The Way of the Tiger, a welcome revival of Mark Smith and Jamie Thomson’s hugely popular 1980s gamebook series. Interestingly, the project is being funded through Kickstarter ( ) with a heap of pledges already in place, which suggests Megara are right about the growing number of game book fans out there, You can get the whole story in their Press release at

Meanwhile the launch of my own electronic game book projects (Demonspawn and GrailQuest) with Tin Man in Australia have been delayed until next year to allow their technical team time to develop a new and more sophisticated games engine. It’ll be worth the wait.

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Anonymous said...

Hello! This is Richard S. Hetley, the person who set up the Kickstarter for The Way of the Tiger. Thanks very much to Mr. Brennan for the mention. I personally am a big fan of his work, and I really hope that we can do well with our own revival of a gamebook classic.

Best of luck on the preparations with Tin Man Games!