Thursday, November 08, 2012

Fantastic New Gamebook Project

I’ve a soft spot for game books. I wrote a few of my own back in the 80s. Tin Man will be reissuing them as apps before too long, incidentally. But that’s by the by. The reason I’m posting today is I’ve just got news of a hugely exciting project in this area. An outfit called Megara Entertainment are currently working on a game book called Arcana Agency: The Thief of Memories about a paranormal detective agency.

There’s been a bit of a game book revival recently, so no surprise there. But what makes this one special (apart from a quirky third-person plot line) is that these guys plan to bring the book out in hard back and full colour throughout. That’s a real collector’s item for gamers.

You can preorder your copy and help the whole project come to fruition at Check it out now.

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Richard S. Hetley said...

Good day! This is Richard S. Hetley, the person who set up the Arcana Agency Kickstarter. I just wanted to go by places where people had mentioned the book and thank them for their interest. We've put a lot of effort into making a good and challenging gamebook that people would be glad to have on their shelf.

The most important thing now is spreading the word. If anyone seeing this post has ideas for what other folks (e.g., blogs) would enjoy this sort of thing, please let us know (e.g., by messaging us on Kickstarter). We really hope people like Arcana Agency. Thank you Herbie Brennan, and thank you readers!