Friday, October 26, 2012

First curation

My first curation is up and running! It’s called Herbie Brennan’s Occult Archive and it’s available on BiblioBoard.

Here’s how you can find out more.

Download the app BibioBoard (free) onto your iPad. Open the app and there I will be. (Or, if I’m not, do a search for Herbie Brennan’s Occult Archive or even just Herbie Brennan.) If you don’t have an iPad or other suitable tablet, don’t lose heart: the archive will soon be available via your usual Web browser when a desktop version of BiblioBoard is launched.

A curation is a collection of various materials linked by a common theme. The BiblioLab people who run Biblioboard approached me a couple of months ago and asked for a collection on an esoteric theme.  They give you access to special software (called Nuvique) which allows you to put the collection together.  It’s quite hard work, although not so hard as writing a book, but you see the results of your efforts far more quickly than you would in conventional publishing.

I feel like I just joined the 21st Century.

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" I feel like I just joined the 21'st century"
LOL. That just made my day!