Thursday, June 07, 2012

New Novel

Decided to take a few months break after finishing the first draft of Spiritus, my analysis of the influence of spirit contact on human history, but then had an idea for a new fantasy novel and made the huge mistake of thinking I’d just play around a little with the theme to see whether or not it worked.

Today it’s some months later and I have almost 30,000 words in the can now. The opening setting for the book is the Lucca Comics and Games Festival. (Wonder where I got that idea...) Where my heroine has ended up, I’m still trying to find out. Working title is Dark Elf, but this has absolutely nothing to do with Faerie Wars.


Camilla P. said...

This surely is a great news!
I really like the setting, of course. Lucca's awesome and it will be, for sure, a great setting to start with.
Now I'm very curious to discover something more about this new story!

Anonymous said...

can you write the sixth faerie war book