Thursday, July 22, 2010

Omnibus Best Seller

This morning’s post brought me two copies of the Italian omnibus edition of all four Faerie Wars novels in a single 1,473-page volume with a magnificent cover by Paolo Barbieri.

This morning’s email brought the news that it went directly into the Italian best-seller lists just days after publication.

I’m feeling chuffed.


The crazymad writer said...

All the best (keep busy,) from the crazymad writer of children's stories

Anonymous said...

I must get around to reading the 'Faerie Wars' series soon.

I'm currently working my way through Charles Stross novels and need a fantasy fix.

Herbie Brennan said...

Yes, please do. My royalties are down this year.

Camilla P. said...

Here in Italy it is a very well known series between fantasy lovers - and I have to say that, even if I already have all the four books, Paolo Barbieri's cover almoste made me buy the Omnibus book!

I'd like to say, also, that I really loved you books :) Aurora is a great character!


P.S. would it ever be possible to ask you some questions, something like a tiny tiny interview? :D

Herbie Brennan said...

I thought the cover was brilliant as well, Camilla. Glad you enjoyed the books. (Not sure who Aurora is: the name’s obviously been changed in translation.) Always happy to answer questions if I can. Email me directly:

Camilla P. said...

Oh, obviously - I should have thought about it. It seems that Aurora actually is Holly Blue (I don't know why they changed the name - Holly Blue is really nice).

You're very, very kind! Thank you very much, this makes me so happy! I'll prepare the questions and e-mail you as soon as I can! :D

Anonymous said...

I'm a huge Faerie Wars fan and want to know when we can expect to be able to buy the Omnibus book in the states? I have read all the Faerie Wars books and think of the characters and their trek they left on my mind often! They helped me through a very tough two years in my life. I will always think of them affectionately and even miss them. I am so hoping the books would one day become movies...they would push Harry Potter to the back of everyones memories. I've read the Harry Potter series and feel the characters do not hold a light to the Faerie Wars characters...just my tiny opinion.

Herbie Brennan said...

I’m afraid there are no plans for an omnibus edition in English as yet. My agent suggested the idea to my U.K. and U.S. publishers, Bloomsbury, but they decided the time wasn’t right for an omnibus while the original books were still active in the market place. No news on the movie either, which is a pity, but there is another Faerie Wars book, The Faeman Quest, due out just after Christmas 2010.

Anonymous said...

"..there is another Faerie Wars book, The Faeman Quest, due out just after Christmas 2010."

FANTASTIC!!! A 5th book in the Faerie Wars series!!! I SOOO can't wait!!! I will be looking for it! I know I sound like a teenager but I was 55 years young December 11th. Thank you!!!