Saturday, July 18, 2009

Various odds and sods

Famous last words about updating more regularly, written December 6 last year and we're now in the middle of summer. Where does the time go to? Kate Thompson says it leaks through a hole in space.

Right, if any of you are interested, here's my latest update:

The Shadow Project, book 1 of a new series for HarperCollins in the U.S., will be in the shops after Christmas this year. But only, so far, in the States since it hasn't found a U.K. publisher yet and my German publisher turned it down because I mentioned Hitler. (Honest!) I've spent the last week making a little promo video for the book, which was great fun. There's already been the first hint of movie interest, which is nice; although these things move so slowly I'm not holding my breath.

Just completed The Doomsday Box (working title) which is the second Shadow Project book. My literary agent, Sophie Hicks, loves it and is taking it to my publisher in New York this week where she will discuss the future structure of the series.

Started work on The Faeman Child, a new stand-alone novel set in the Faerie Wars universe. I hit the 10,000 word mark a couple of days ago: the significance of this being that if I can make 10,000 I can usually finish the book. Which may be just as well since I've spent the advance.

Framestore have renewed their movie option on Faerie Wars and have, I believe, now decided to focus their energies exclusively on this and one other movie project, which is heartening news.

Finally, I'll be submitting my dissertation this week. Bits of it might be useful for a non-fiction book I'm ruminating on about the placebo effect. Or I could use much of it as the basis of another (spooky) project I've been considering called The Whisperers. That's if I can manage to plug the hole in space Kate Thompson was talking about.


Gerrard T Wilson said...

Hi Herbie, You have certainly been busy!!! I wish you all the best with your new projects.
I have been barrelling along on my own. One of my latest ideas is a series of short stories and etc. I call it Slug Talk: Observations on Life from the Viewpoint of a Slug. You can check it out (plus all the other things I have been up to) on my website
All the best, from Gerrard T Wilson

Aaron said...

Congrats on your new projects, and I cannot wait to read the Faeman Child.

Gerrard T Wilson said...

Hi Herbie, What have you been up to of late? I have a new website You might like to take a peek!
All the best, from Gerrard T Wilson

Herbie Brennan said...

Hi Gerrard,

Just finished The Whisperers and sent it off to my agent. Like your new Web site. I've always thought somebody should write a continuation of Carroll.

Katie said...

Hi There,

I have read all the Faerie books and I am so thrilled with them as well as looking forward to The Faeman Child (Girl).

I read your previous blogs about a possible movie? How is that going?

Herbie Brennan said...

Hi Katie,

Faerie Wars is still under option for a movie, but no news of progress. These things take forever... and may not come to anything, so I'm told by writers with experience. Keep your fingers crossed.

Take care,


Katie said...

Thank you, Herbie. Sounds great. I could so play a part in the movie. A real fan should play as a character of your great books. That's the only way. How can they not make a movie from your books? They are great stories.