Sunday, January 20, 2008

Magnificent Music

I've known Karin Leitner, the distinguished Austrian flautist for some time now, but somehow never managed to hear her play in a live performance... until last night. I managed to get along to a recital partnered with the Irish harpist Anne Marie O'Farrell largely featuring the music of O'Carolan. It was, simply, magnificent. Some of Karin's CDs are available from Apple Itunes and and she's well worth a search on YouTube.


Anonymous said...

Have you heard 'ADIEMUS V - The Eternal Knot' by Karl Jenkins and the ADIEMUS Orchestra?

Darragh (sorry, forgot my ID and password)

Anonymous said...

has anyone told you something that you would under no circumstances udnerstand. you'll have to excuse my spelling for the following, it rivals that of a kindergardeners.
well, when reading the first three of your books (the library doesn't hold the fourth) i've noticed something about your preception of time.
at a religious service, the raabi made the stement the time moves foward at a constant speed. even though the service ended and hour and a half later, i zoned out thinking about it.
in your books i've noted that you don't look at time as if it moves constantly forward. you seem to look at it like it doesn't move unless you want it to. that time moving forward has become more of a habbit than a real law of science.
see what i meant by not understanding a word? but if you did (and i certainly hope you did) i just wanted to tell you that you're right. at least in my eyes. but time moves rather slowly also, most book your length take place over the span of many, many months. how many days was Ruler of the Realm? Never mind the rest of what I was typing, i forgot that it was a post on music. sorry. i couldn't find you'r address online. :( i spent and hour looking. darn Google.
thanks for reading and if you didn't thanks for at least acknowledging my existance.
-Holly S. (same ID problem as Darragh)

Herbie Brennan said...

Hi Holly,

The Rabbi's wrong and you're right. Time is not a constant. Experience shows it passes at different rates depending on your perception (and your age). Einstein showed the rate also changes with the speed you travel -- something since established experimentally. Tradition suggests there are other dimensions of reality (e.g. the faerie realm) in which time flows differently to ours.

Take care,