Thursday, February 01, 2007

Expanding Universe

About a year ago, my agent and I had the bright idea of expanding the Faerie Wars universe into graphic novels. This wasn't a question of converting Faerie Wars into a graphic novel (although that could happen yet) but rather examining the lives of certain characters from the mainstream novels in graphic form.

Well, it now looks as if it's going to happen. Bloomsbury, who publish the mainstream books, are putting a toe in the water with a picaresque story about Brimstone when he was a boy. No further details beyond that at the moment, but the full story will appear on the main Web site as soon as I have information on publication date, artist and final format.


Erik Buchanan said...

Sounds like neat project. Good luck with it.

jcruelty1 said...

not apropros to faerie wars - just wanted to remark that years ago in India I bought "Grailquest 8: Legion of the Dead" at a used book stand, and to this day I smile when I think of it. It was definitely one of the most droll & amusing gamebooks I've ever read. (At the time I was obsessed with that genre. The original hypertext.) so kudos.

Herbie Brennan said...

Thank you Erik. It's my first graphic novel and I've a feeling I'll need all the luck I can get.

Thank you too, Jcruelty1. I loved writing the GrailQuest series and to this day I'm astonished by the number of letters and emails I get from old GrailQuesters, now pushing towards middle age, saying how much they enjoyed the books as kids. (At the time, there was next to no fan mail at all, but that was possibly because the books sold best in France, where they are still in print, and we're talking pre-Internet when you had to stick a stamp on an envelope to make contact.)