Sunday, November 12, 2006


In my last post I said 'Faerie Lord' was to be published in the autumn of next year, 2007. Turns out this announcement was a little premature. The book *will* be published next autumn, but only in the United States where it's scheduled to appear in hardback. U.K readers will have to wait until February, 2008, when a 'Faerie Lord' paperback will be issued as part of a general relaunch and repackaging of the entire series under some of the most stunning fantasy covers you will ever see.

So is that it? No more Faerie Wars? Well, not quite. 'Faerie Lord' certainly completes the story begun in the original 'Faerie Wars' but there are several plans afoot to revisit the Realm in a whole new different and exciting way. It's all under wraps at the moment, but I promise you'll be the first to know when things are finalised.

Meanwhile I've got an idea gnawing at the edges of my mind for a new book and maybe a new series. I'll let you know about that one too if it solidifies.


Yume no Kareta said...


I just finished reading "Ruler of the Realm." Words cannot describe how amazing it was.

And then it ended. At a cliff hanger.
That was mean...

It's going to be a long year waiting until "Fairie Lord" comes out. But I guess I'll have to learn how to patient, won't I?

Keep up the awsome work, I've loved every book I've read by you.

**Yume no Kareta

P.S. I always knew the government was a bit loony. Never guessed that half the senate would be under demon mind-control though. Hilarious!

kevin said...

Ah, I hope we will see more of the Faerie Realm soon! Congrats on everything!

Darragh said...

Time to start working on the next Grailquest series.. :)

Atsumeteru said...

Herbie...(is Herbie ok? well for now it is)
I was totally and completely absorbed in your wonderful Ruler of the Realm story when I realised the amount of storyline I wished to unfold and the number of remaining pages were quite uneven in proportion. Still I continued reading convinced that at least one of the long...drawn out..wonderful parings would conclude puting at least some of my curiosity at rest....
That was Not Nice!

Now I must wait, as my incessant imagination cooks up plots that may or may not happen...not nice at all!

I must give massive amounts of kudos though in this new installment I too throughly enjoyed the bit about the governement, anyone who is loony enough to become a politican is either crazy or possesed now I know...they all under demon mind-control makes so much sense :D

I like many others I'm sure cannot wait for the next installemnt, see i'm squirming in my chair ::squirms:: Deffinite congradulationgs on the C.S. Lewis account, it is always wonderful to see books that strive to compare to the amazingness of the Chronicles of Narnia, even more amazing when they are up there with it!!
Time to end my drabbles.

Stay True.


Herbie Brennan said...

Herbie is fine, especially when you're saying nice things. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

All I can say, Mr.Brennan, is thank you. That was one of your best, and anybody elses!
You must realize that now you may get some comments about your ending. I haven't been in such suspense since I got back my first test grade this year.
But again, thank you so much for using your talents to help the poor, unimaginiative public like myself.
Now we all have something to think about. All the possible endings to all the story lines. But that should do well to pass the time untill next autumn.
I've gotten some of my friends into the series, and they've all adored it! You've given all the weeping Harry Potter fans something much, MUCH better to read. Now I know what to get all my friends for Christmas.
Well, thank you agin, ( and again) for gracing us with your talents. I and all the world eagerly awiat the next "Faerie Wars" installment.
Yours in Fantasy,
Snow O'Connolly- Queen Blue's best friend.

Herbie Brennan said...

Wow, thank you. Hope the final instalment doesn't disappoint.

kokopellia said...

Love the books! Keep them coming, I've become such an addict for series that I must wait on. (HP, Eragon, so on and so forth...) Mr. Herbie Brennan, you've completely won over my's all yours!

Herbie Brennan said...

I was just thinking I could do with another bookshelf...

But actually thank you for your kind comments: they are much appreciated. In the old days as a writer, publishing a book was like tossing it into a Black Hole. Nobody bothered much about writing letters (not to me anyway.) But with blogs and email you now get a feel for what people like (and dislike) about your work. It's great.

Anonymous said...

is "faerie lords" the continue on of the "ruler of the relm series???

Herbie Brennan said...

Yes. Faerie Lord is the climax of Henry's story.

Anonymous said...

i loved you're books but i was just curios will there be any more books after "faerie lords"????

Herbie Brennan said...

I'm working on a new novel at the moment, but it's outside the Faerie Wars series.

Anonymous said...

Hello Herbie Brennan

my computer is stuffing up so i cant see what every one else has im not sure if this has been asked..

i was wondering how many books do you know is going to be in the Fearie War books?

Hope there is more then 4

Herbie Brennan said...

Well... Just four for the moment, but there are plans for a prequel in the form of a graphic novel about Brimstone in his teenage years. I've been shy about admitting this until now, but it does seem likely to go ahead. After that, I want to see what happens to my current novel in progress (which isn't about the Faerie Wars) before deciding where to go next.

BOOKworm said...

DEAR mr Brennan

i just wanted to know if blue and henry will end up being together...or something...if you cant tell me thats ok i will just have to wait a yaer to read ir =]

p.s. love the books keep it up

Herbie Brennan said...

Dear Bookworm,

I understand your problem because I experienced it myself while I was writing the series. Henry is such an idiot when it comes to women and frankly he gets worse in the fourth book. I know when I finished Ruler of the Realm I really wished he'd get his act together. But my publishers would kill me if I revealed what happened before they had the chance to sell a few books. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

I literally JUST finished ruler of the realm and I HAD to search the internet of rumors for the next book- luckily I didn't have to search long!

a lot of people have already complimented you on the demon/politics part- which caused me to laugh out loud!

the thing that bothered me the most was that Henry was doubting whether the Faerie Realm was real- I shrieked from his stupidity!!!!!! but I suppose that understandable with his life problems and stuff... which is pretty sad so when Blue asked him if he wanted to stay I was totally cheering him on! (but what about charlie?)

this book made the perfect one-day-read for someone getting over a cold at home from school because it kept me going right from the beginning- confused as I was at some parts trying to understand why someone was doing this or that. like when Blue "married" the Prince of Darkness with Henry right there (?!) and then she said: I am now the Queen of Hell- I was like OH SNAP!

I also think The Painted Lady and Fogarty are THE PERFECT COUPLE- although I definetly saw it coming which made it all the more cute when he says something harsh to someone and turns and "softens" to Cynthia- *sigh* and she'll soften him up from his ol' grumpy self!

sorry this is so long- should be going soon...
some last mintue stuff...
wondering how Blue will handle all her own people AND the demons from Hell- but I think she'll manage and turn out to be the best Purple
Emp[ress] ever!
quick question: how do you write your books with such ease and include suspense- and have it make sense in the end?! do you start from the end and work backwards or start from the beginning after planning out everything???

hw needs finishing...
your stories really inspire young writers like me!

keep up the good work!

-someone who finished the book 13 mintutes ago!

Herbie Brennan said...

Glad you enjoyed it. I never learned how to plan books. If I can find the first sentence I start and see what happens. It gets scary half way through because I don't know what will happen either, but somehow it works itself out.

I'm not sure I'd recommend the approach -- I'm in the middle of writing a book at the moment where I REALLY can't see how the hero's going to get out of the mess he's in -- but it's the best I can do.

osiris said...

Hello Mr. Herbie.
I just finished reading Ruler Of The Realm,and now im mad beacuse it was such a great book and it left me on a cliff having to wait monthes for the next installment in the chronicles please hurry I am desparate and need more of the book.

sincerly-Blue lover

Anonymous said...

Hi its me again, and i was wondering what coloer hair blues hair is in the book it says she has blond hair buton the website it shows pictures of her and she has brown hair.

??? which is it please tell me


Herbie Brennan said...

Hello Osiris,

The blonde (sex goddess) hair was just part of Blue's disguise. Her natural colour is reddish brown. Glad you enjoyed the book. If you're in the States, you can read the final instalment, Faerie Lord, this year. If not, it looks like the UK edition won't be published until February 2008. If this changes, I'll post on the Bookshelf or this blog. But I'm sort of pleased with Faerie Lord, so you might find it worth the wait.

osiris said...

thank you

Anonymous said...

Dear Brennan,

I, along with all the others who have posted on your blog am totally amazed with your series "Faerie Wars". I though was very dissapointed that after three books the "Romance" with Blue and Henery has gone absolutly nowhere. After reading your previous comments I am dumbstruck that Henery will not get over his embarrasment around Blue. I hope there will be some improvments in their relationship. I can't stress enough how much I was enlightened by the ending of "Ruler of the Realm", and then dissapointed when I read your comment. Otherwise great books!

-- Some friendly criticism

Herbie Brennan said...

I think the relationship HAS to get better. (It can hardly get much worse.) Let me know what you think after reading Faerie Lord.